What is EFP?

Create your Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) using Environmental Best Management Practice (EBMP)

An Environmental Farm Plan like EBMP (Environmental Best Management Practices) challenges you as farmers, land managers, and landholders to think and write down - HOW YOU can build more robust sustainable businesses by using best management practices - to care for the environment as well as your business.

Benefits: The online computer program EBMP includes the latest information on fire and greenhouse gases, as well as property management planning (whole farm planning), water, soils, vegetation, chemicals etc. comprising 14 chapters or topics in total. It includes a Self Assessment section involving these 14 chapters where you rate or self assess your current farming practices and set your goals for future management practices. You rank these goals as High, Medium or Low Priority and identify an action that will help you achieve each goal. The EBMP computer program creates reports based on your self assessment which list action or business plans.

Promote your produce to consumers and markets using the plans created by the EBMP computer program. These plans show that you are managing your land to best practice standards - which can be benchmarked and documented.

EBMP provides you with an introduction to Environmental Management Systems (EMS) which leads to product certification and quality assurance standards. The data collected from EBMP Business plans, could lead to funding opportunities with Landcare projects or even marketing opportunities where consumers and markets require evidence of your environmental management.

EBMP is part of The Victorian Department of Primary Industries Farmplan21 Program

EBMP is online only in Victoria, Australia - enquiries outside Victoria will be responded to and we encourage you to contact your nearest Dept. Primary industries or Catchment Management Authority about going online.