EBMP Instructions

Getting started with EBMP

PROCESS: After you have registered and logged into EBMP website

1. Complete your Property and Landholder Details page especially * asterisk boxes and SAVE

2. Self Assessment is where you look at how you manage things now - like water, soil, pastures, pests, chemicals, etc - and how you could possibly improve your management in future. It's a user friendly way of rating your management of farm assets like soil, water etc. as you are not compared to anyone else, and it may even help you think 'outside the square' to solve farm problems.

Full instructions are included in an instructional video which comes with the program.

You rate yourself A to E in two tick boxes - current and future goals - then you prioritise; Low, Medium and High in tick box - you only answer those questions and chapters that apply to your farm. You then tick the Action box if you want to do something such as attend a field day, or fence off creeks etc.

If Action box is ticked , that self assessment issue - A to E - is recorded as an Action and you can enter your own details of that Action in Action/Notes (lower right side of page) eg.'' attend farm-planning course cost approx $300'' . (These Action Plans are generally an estimate only to nearest hundred dollars or so , and no one will hold you responsible as you are estimating future costs.)

3. Action Plans are developed over 5 years to plan and budget what needs to be done to fix what you have identified in the previous Self Assessment section - its like a business plan with annual budgets which you estimate is the cost of eg. fencing out a creek, tree planting and instaling off-stream watering points such as troughs, poly pipe etc,- to improve water quality and vegetation by reducing stream bank erosion and restricting stock access .

In Victoria approx. 3,000 farmers have participated in EBMP since 2002 - run by Dept. Primary Industries, Catchment Management Authorities, Victorian Farmers Federation and Landcare.