Examples of the workbook and other resources

Workbook intructions [PDF 773KB]

The work book contains themed sections complete with self assessment sheets and action planning summary sheets. The current 4th Edition Workbook contains the following sections:


  • Property Management Planning
  • Fire
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Vegetation and Biodiversity
  • Pest Plants and Animals


  • Pastures and Livestock
  • Cropping
  • Farm Forestry


  • Nutrients
  • Irrigation
  • Chemicals
  • Greenhouse Gases
  • Farm Wastes
  • EBMP Farm Rating Sheets

Example of Soil worksheet [PDF 100KB]

Example of Soil action planner worksheet [PDF 39KB]

Example goals and monitoring for soil management [PDF 41 KB]

Edition 4 - EBMP Workbook - worksheets and instructions


1. Workbook instructions, contents and introduction [PDF 6.8MB]

2. Acknowledgements [PDF 1MB]

3. Property Management Planning [PDF 6.8MB]

4. Fire Management [PDF 6.8MB]

5. Soil Management [PDF 6.8MB]

6. Water Management [PDF 6.8MB]

7. Vegetation and Biodiversity [PDF 6.8MB]

8. Pest Plant and Animals [PDF 6.8MB]

9. Pastures and Livestock [PDF 6.8MB]

10. Cropping [PDF 6.8MB]

11. Farm Forestry [PDF 6.8MB]

12. Nutrients [PDF 6.8MB]

13. Irrigation [PDF 6.8MB]

14. Chemicals [PDF 6.8MB]

15. Greenhouse Gases [PDF 6.8MB]

16. Farm Waste [PDF 6.8MB]

17. Self Assesment Summary, Cover Sheets and 5 YearAction Plan [PDF 6.8MB]


Monitoring sheets included in the workbook

Other resources

EBMP Environmental Policy [PDF 75KB]

EBMP calendar [PDF 63 KB]

EBMP self assessment farm ratings [PDF 40 KB]

Action plan - 5 year summary [PDF 49 KB]