Welcome to Environmental Farm Planning

Create your Environmental Farm Plan using the on-line computer program called Environmental Best Management Practices Program:

EBMP or Environmental Best Management Practices is an approved Environmental Farm Planning Program which encourages all landholders to adopt Best Management Practices to achieve more sustainable farms. An Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a general name for any farm plan that focuses on the management of farm assets such as soil, water and vegetation.

Over 3,000 farmers in Victoria have been involved with EBMP since 2002 - run by Dept Primary Industries, Catchment Management Authorities , Vctorian Farmers Federation and Landcare.

EBMP is now online with workbooks and CD also available. EBMP includes the latest Fire and Greenhouse Gases chapters as well as traditional Whole Farm Planning, comprising 14 chapters in total.

EBMP is an introduction to Industry Standards or EMS Certification ( Environmental Management Systems) as it incorporates the: plan - do - check - review cycle - but EMS Certification and Standards are outside the scope of this EBMP website.

EBMP allows farmers to assess their own management (self assessments) and develop their own business plans(Action Plans) to achieve a best practice standard which suits them.

Farmers are encouraged to seek information about developing Industry Standards and market opportunities as part of their own businesses.


Acknowledgement: DPI Victoria acknowledges the support of Oaksford P/L for EBMP Program. Oaksford@westnet.com.au